I am interested in information visualization, network visual analysis, and interactions. I am especially interested in designing scalable techniques or systems that enable interactive exploration of large or complex datasets.

Short CV

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2020-10-26 Our entry for the VAST Challenge 2020 Mini-Challenge 1 received an award. Take a look at the entry here.
2019-11-26 I defended my thesis (manuscript).
2019-07-04 An extended version of our hierarchical parallel coordinate paper was accepted by the Big Data Research journal.
2019-04-20 PacificVis 2019: trip to Bangkok, Thailand to present CorFish.
2018-10-07 Dagstuhl Seminar on Progressive Data Analysis and Visualization, Germany.

Recent publications

VAST 2020 Contest Challenge: GraphMatchMaker: Visual Analytics for Graph Comparison and Matching

IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications, 2021

HiePaCo: Scalable hierarchical exploration in abstract parallel coordinates under budget constraints

Big Data Research, 2019

CorFish: Coordinating Emphasis Across Multiple Views Using Spatial Distortion

2019 IEEE Pacific Visualization Symposium (PacificVis), 2019
Full list here.



Set of tools developed as part of our submission to the Visual Analytics Science and Technology (VAST) Challenge 2020 (Mini Challenge 1).

LonGenEx (DALIA)

Visual exploration tool for longitudinal gene expression data from vaccine trials


Interactive web application based on abstract parallel coordinates for exploring multidimensional data.